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Humankind’s relentless drive for better has put global levels of carbon dioxide 50% above what they were when Britain’s Industrial Revolution began. This now means that perversely, some of the very industries that advanced humankind, are the ones that are in danger of destroying it. These industries have it within their gift to change the course of history.

Sequestration, the different processes by which carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and safely stored underground or in other repositories, offers industries innovative ways to protect humanity and the planet. We appreciate the role of emission reduction and the use of wind and solar energy, however this environmental approach is BlackGreen’s sole focus. Through the advancement of sequestration technology within different industry sectors, we support  leading-edge projects that tackle CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and construction, one of which, ‘CarbonBuilt’ has already been awarded a prize in XPRIZE’s 2021 awards.


We promote individual innovation projects like these in an effort to help fund and manifest their true power in the world. Where no novel technology exists, sequestration is the answer. Because to tackle the climate crisis in a meaningful way, the world needs industry to lead by example and boldly invest in order to accelerate towards a carbon net-zero future.

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